Enhanced humans.  Superhumans.  Mutants.  Whatever you call them, they are much more powerful than us.  When there are enough of them to form a society, inevitably they will have a name for us.  Here are a selection:

  • Norms
  • Muggles (Harry Potter)
  • Mundanes
  • Deaf (for telepaths)
  • Monkey-boys (Men in Black)
  • Outmodes (Robots)
  • Mud People (Artemis Fowl)
  • Mud Monkeys (Supernatural)
  • Man Animals (Battlefield Earth)
  • The Retarded (Alastair Reynolds’ Revelation Space)
  • Clumsies (Disney Faries)
  • Sheep

Can you think of any more?  Leave them in the comments.