I woke up this morning feeling… normal.

When you are a child, you look forward to being 18.  When you reach that lofty age, you have a large party, and then life goes on.  You realise that actually there is no difference; you are the same person as you were before.  You think, “When I am 21, it will be different.  At 21, I will feel like a proper adult.”

And so life continues.  You go to university, or you don’t.  You get a job, or you don’t.  And when, in three long years, you reach the age of 21, you have a party, and life goes on.  Somehow, you are still the same person as you were the day before.

But they say that life begins at 30.  Perhaps at 30 it will be time to be a proper adult.  By then you will have settled down, and might be thinking about children.  You might have children already.  Surely at 30 you will feel different?

Today is my 30th birthday.

I feel no different to the way I felt yesterday.  But these days I’m learning.  I know I am not the same person as I was at 18.  I am more confident in some things and less confident in others.  I have tried many new things and met many new people, and all that has changed me.

But change is gradual.

I won’t be the same person on my 40th birthday as I am now, but I won’t wake up feeling different either.  Every day, every new experience, will change me slightly.

What a responsibility!  I am creating the person I am going to be, one step at a time.

Who am I creating?

Who are you creating?