I like the New Scientist, have you noticed that yet?

Your homeland has been taken over by a foreign power. You are forced to move to a frontier town far from your home and work in the palace of the governor. Your name, perhaps the only link to your mother tongue, is recorded in the household accounts in the local script.

This could be the story of some of the women who were attached to the Ziyaret Tepe palace in the ancient Assyrian city of Tušhan over 2500 years ago. Their names were inscribed in cuneiform characters on [a] clay tablet

In deciphering the tablet … found that many of the names on the list are not from any currently known ancient language. “One or two are actually Assyrian and a few more may belong to other known languages of the period, such as Luwian or Hurrian,” he says, “but the great majority belong to a previously unidentified language.” …

Deportation has been a historically common tool to control invaded peoples and is know to have been practised by the Assyrian empire.

There are so many places you can go from here.  Invading aliens deporting humans to other planets, humans deporting aliens back to Earth, the adventures of a person who was deported, or even a prank by ancient archeologists.

What do you think happened?