When you eat beats what you eat in staying healthy

Preventing obesity may be down to timing, in mice, at least. Mice allowed meals only within an 8-hour period were healthier than those that munched freely through the day, even when they consumed more fat.

It works in mice, and they’ve started trials with human volunteers.  I’ll be waiting with interest to see what the results are.

In the mean time, some thoughts:

The government is becoming increasingly more “nanny-state” like.  Would it be possible that at some time in the future they make it illegal to eat except during an eight-hour window?  Or would that be taking it too far?

If they did, would there be medical exemptions?  How many people would pretend they had a qualifying medical problem in order to be allowed to eat at other times?

How on Earth would restaurants cope?

Would everyone be subject to the same period, or would some people have the morning shift and some people have the evening shift?