From the New Scientist:

Forty years ago this spring, three idealistic young computer modellers wrote The Limits to Growth, a book that detailed the first effort to use computers to project possible global futures. … In this follow-up book, 2052: A global forecast for the next 40 years Randers makes predictions based on current data, simpler calculations and a lifetime’s experience analysing global systems.

In The Limits of Growth, the modellers used the ways that global population, food, health, and so on interact to simulate what would happen for the next 130 years under various scenarios.  The result?  Complete collapse of society.  We used up all of the resources and nothing could save us except giving up material concerns entirely.

It has never been disproved.

The follow-up book focuses on the next forty years and, from a brief glimpse at the Amazon Look-Inside, seems to be well written, interesting and informative.  I shall be adding it to my reading list (but that’s quite long, so expect a review in a few months time).