Can walking power everything?

Researchers at Pavegen have created floor tiles that create electrical charge when walked on.  They’ve installed four tiles in a school in Kent, and are testing them for robustness.  Over a thousand people walking about on them every day should quickly show if they are up to the task.

Each tile is connected to a bulb, which lights up when you walk on the tile, but the potential is easy to see.  Put them in as the flooring in a shopping centre, or the London underground, or even on streets, and connect them to whatever needs charging.

Alas, the technology isn’t yet producing enough to power the world – the average person’s lifetime footfalls would power a normal household for about three weeks – but they’re still working and every little helps, right?

In the future, I expect these things to be everywhere.  Every floor in every building, so every footstep would create power.  Adaptations could be attached to doors – every time we open a door we create power – or beds – for those of us who wriggle during the night.