Scientists have catalogued over 10,000 different types of microbe living on or in the human body.  They used DNA sequencing on samples taken from over 200 healthy americans, from various parts of their bodies.

Part of the study was concerned with discovering whether there is a common set of microbes that all humans share – and the answer appears to be no.  Microbes that do the same job in different people share genes, but are often distinct species.  Other discoveries include the presence of microbes such as Staphylococcus aureus, which is involved in MRSA, at low levels in healthy people.  Perhaps it isn’t the bug itself that causes problems, but a change in the way it interacts with its neighbours.

What if, when running this project, the researchers had found a significant proportion of microbes which didn’t conform to earthly norms?  Alien microbes, which had been living among us undetected.  They have now started to cross-breed with Earth microbes and the offspring have some interesting properties.  Do people try to eradicate them?  Or do they become the most sought after “enhancement” for rich humans?

Some people are more psychically sensitive than others – what if we discovered that all of those people had the same set of microbes in common?  A real, provable cause for psychic powers.  Wouldn’t that be something?  And since microbial loads are picked up very early in life, it would even account for the tendency of psychic powers to run in families.