Would you consider buying a dress with litter sewn into it?  How about a hat made from dismembered Barbie legs?  No?  Not even if they were arranged like a mohican?

It’s the latest fashion trend, and once again I am confirmed in my belief that fashion is dumb.
But it does make an interesting thought – when you’re writing books about the future, how much do you think about the fashion?  Not just catwalk styles, but the everyday clothes that all of your characters wear?

Has there been a shortage of cotton in your world recently?  Environmental or economic reasons for re-using items?  Has there been a boom in the availability of materials, like the one I suspect will occur when star trek-style replicators are invented?  Has there been an ecological disaster which caused everyone to wear long sleeves to protect their bodies?

So many questions to consider!  It’s a wonder any of us write the actual stories.