Yesterday I discussed the statement that the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant was a “profoundly man-made disaster”.  Today I want to discuss the possibility that disasters can be both man-made and natural.

“What is a man-made natural disaster?” I hear you ask.  (I have very good hearing – at least when imagination is involved).

A natural disaster is a disaster caused by nature.  The obvious examples are floods, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and natural fire.  A man-made disaster is caused by man.  It stands to reason then that a man-made natural disaster must be caused by man messing with nature.

I’m thinking a terraforming project gone wrong – we try to colonise another planet by messing with its nature, but disaster strikes when the process goes awry.  It’s the classic disaster movie, re-done for sci-fi.

What man-made natural disasters, natural man-made disasters, or nature-made man disasters (wait, is that even a thing?) can you think of?