A little late today.  I blame the fact that I have a life…

Have you ever done something at what you assumed was the worst time, only to discover that it was actually really good?  I thought that sort of thing only happened in fiction, and it really annoys me when authors use it to get their characters out of a tight spot.

However, we took our Brownies to a theme park on Saturday.  We’d all been watching the weather forecast, and we knew that it was going to be horrible.  Constant downpour all day, low temperatures, wind, we had it all.

It was amazing.

Once we’d got over the fact that we had to sit on wet seats on the rides (and get wet bottoms, the horror!), we had so much fun.  The girls went on all the water rides about six times each (they were wet anyway, so who cares?) and best of all, there were no queues for any of the rides.

I’m rethinking my strong anti-coincidence stance.

What do you think?  How far can you stretch events before they start to seem unrealistic?  And do you care?