“It’s my daughter’s wedding tomorrow.”

The man stood confidently.  He was dressed in a sharp business suit and carried an ornately carved cane.  He wasn’t leaning on the cane; it was more an affectation, a sign that he was wealthy and should be respected.


The voice that came from the shadows was gravely and indistinct.  It was hard to tell whether it was a man or a woman, young or old, or even whether the person was interested.

“I want the day to be perfect.”  A hint of impatience touched the business man’s voice.  He had been assured that this person could provide what he needed, though at a price.  Why were they being deliberately obtuse?


“It can’t rain.  The ceremony is outside, it will ruin her day if it rains.  She’s my daughter, my little girl.”  He was almost pleading now.  Was this person, this absurdly named Weatherman going to make him come out and say it?

When the rumours had begun to circulate last year of a new invention which could control the weather, everyone had been sceptical.  Most had assumed it was some sort of internet prank, but there were a few who had made the effort to seek out the inventor and ask for their help.  Those who had, had reported success – sun for the holiday, rain for the garden, clear skies for fireworks.  It seemed there was no end to the power of the Weatherman, despite the fact that nobody had seen his face.

Of course, those who had met with failure likely wouldn’t admit it, given the exorbitant prices charged.  There were rumours of favours owed as well, which worried the businessman more.  Money he could afford.


The businessman’s hand tightened on the head of his cane and his lips thinned.

“Well?” he snapped, “Can you help me or not?  I’ll pay whatever it takes.”

There was a pause, just long enough for the man to become nervous.  He shifted his weight uneasily.  The shadowy figure leaned forward, stopping just short of the edge of the light.  The businessman could hear a certain tone in the voice that made him wonder exactly what he had just agreed to.

“I can.”