Not as exciting as it first sounds, alas.

The sheep in Switzerland are wearing collars which monitor their heart rate, and if it’s increased for a sustained period the shepherd is alerted via text message.  I don’t think that’s interesting enough.  What I’d like is this:

A secret government experiment into increasing intelligence had some unexpected side effects.  They were using the sheep as test subjects before they moved on to human tests, trying to create super-intelligent strategists and researchers.  However, they went a little too far, and now the sheep are revolting!

They’ve set up their own little mountain kingdom, which they are attempting to defend from everyone.  They’ve used their super-intelligence to trick humans into working for them, because unfortunately they are still bound by their anatomy and can’t scare off predators or build things.  The humans have created a giant touchpad for them to work with their feet, which they can use to summon help when wolves attack.