Sainsbury’s have laid over 69,500 solar panels on 169 stores – making them the biggest solar array in Europe.  The CEO, Justin King, said that supermarkets have roof space equivalent to entire football pitches, and it’s time it was put to good use.

I agree.

I would go further.  The country has thousands of miles of roads and motorways – when are we going to get solar panels which are durable enough to cope with traffic pounding over them?  We have hundreds of bridges, we could hang solar panels off the sides of them.  We have the space between train tracks, which doesn’t need to support weight.  And then there are the office buildings, car roofs, and so on.

What other under-utilised spaces can you think of that would be useful as power generators?  Bonus points if the space is currently ugly enough that it would be improved by adding solar panels!