I discovered something interesting this week.

My laptop is currently running Leopard (that’s Mac OSX 10.5, for the non-mac of you out there).  They’ve just released 10.8, Mountain Lion.  I thought that perhaps it was time to update my OS (although so far I’ve only found one program that I thought was kind of cool that I couldn’t run on Leopard, so it’s not exactly top of my priority list).

So, in order to get Mountain Lion, you need to download it from the App Store.  You can only get the App Store on Snow Leopard (10.6) and above.  So in order to get Mountain Lion, I would need to buy Snow Leopard, install it, and then use it to buy Mountain Lion.

A bit convoluted and not great, but so far it’s understandable.  Sort of.  But here’s where it becomes fun:

Apple don’t sell Snow Leopard any more.

You can still get it, but only through third-party resellers, who seem to have put a rather large mark-up on the price.

Overall result?  I’ve decided to keep running Leopard until my computer actually dies.  At that point I figure they’ll have progressed to Space Cougar* or something equally futuristic which my current hardware can’t cope with anyway.

Well done, Apple, your bizarre choices have lost you business.


* Space Cougar: a friend for C.A.T.?