I’m off camping with the Brownies for a few days.  I had intended to write some posts in advance and schedule them, but I’ve been doing so much prep for camp that I’ve not had time to do them – or rather, I had to make a choice between writing fiction and writing blog posts, and the fiction won.

Instead, I’ve fished out some random ideas from my ideas folder, ones which I either decided were impractical or which have been in there so long that there’s not much chance of me ever looking at them again.  Sometimes both.

I’ll be posting them one a day until I’m back from camp, in the form of writing prompts.  There will be a (virtual) hug for anyone who writes me a little story about any of them.

Here’s today’s offering:

Write a story about the chaos which is caused by the north-south polarity of the Earth reversing.  Bonus points if at any point one of your characters has to “reverse the polarity of the neutron flow”.