Part 1 is here.  This part is as badly (i.e. not) edited as the first half, so the story might not make complete sense.


Amelia and Tom sneaked back towards the house.  Amelia was excited – her first day in the new house, she hadn’t even unpacked yet, and she was already involved in an adventure.  And she had thought that this was going to be horrid!

Tom held up his hand, and they both stopped.  Amelia was about to ask what was going on when she heard a sound.  There was someone in the house, she was sure of it.  She held her breath to hear better, and noticed Tom doing the same.  After a few moments they heard footsteps fading away, and they started breathing again.

They crept up to the window.  Amelia started to inch her head upwards to look in, but Tom grabbed her and pulled her down.

“Not like that.  Side first, otherwise he’ll see your forehead before you can see in.”  He twisted his head to the side and demonstrated, peering in at the very corner of the window.  Amelia followed his example.

Curtains filled her view.  By rolling her eye to the left she could see that they weren’t completely closed, and she moved towards the middle of the window.  Tom was doing the same.  There was a brief staring match as they argued silently over who got to look, but Amelia soon realised that she was the new girl here and moved aside so that Tom could look.

His eyes widened dramatically as he peered in through the tiny gap.  His mouth hanging open, he moved aside and gestured for her to look.

The room was completely full.  There was furniture, boxes, gizmos and gadgets covering every available surface – and that included the walls and ceiling.  There was furniture on the ceiling.  How cool was that?

All of that paled into insignificance when Mr Sutty returned to the room, though.  He was carrying a mug of something hot – tea, she supposed – and reading the newspaper.   He moved around the obstacles without seeming to notice them, winding his way towards the opposite end of the room.

Amelia half expected him to stop when he reached the wall, but he didn’t.  He just kept walking, turning himself sideways with no apparent effort.  He made his way to an armchair that was halfway up the wall and settled in comfortably.  His feet stretched out in front of him, he reached out absently, still reading the paper, and set the tea on the table beside him.

It stayed put.

Amelia took a step backwards, grinning widely.  Tom immediately took her place in the window, and his jaw, which he had just managed to pick up off the floor, replaced itself there.

After a moment, Tom looked round at her.  He twitched his head to one side and started making his way back towards the bench they had been on before.  Amelia followed.

When they were safely away from the house, he let out a huge breath.

“I don’t believe it,” he said, shaking his head.  “How is that possible?”

But Amelia was still grinning.

“When I moved here, I thought it was going to be terrible.  I thought I would never see my friends again, would never have the fun that I could only have at their houses.  But it’s going to be ok.”

Tom frowned at her.  “What does that have to do with Old Man Sutty?”

“Do you know what his first name is?  Because I do.  It’s Tim.  He’s my best friend’s uncle, and he’s a wizard!”