This isn’t new.  Florida has had an online school since 1997, but these days 30 states have state-run, online schools.  Some states even make some of the online courses mandatory.

Online schools are cheaper to run, which explains at least some of their popularity with the authorities.  All well and good, but I suspect that there may be problems.  And it’s only 0.5% of US students who attended online-only schools in 2010-2011.

The real advantage is in half-and-half schools.  Teachers record videos for the kids to go through at their own pace, which frees up the teacher’s time for helping the students, running projects, and individualising the learning of the children.

What do you think?  Is online education going to take over from traditional schooling completely, or will we stop with the half-and-half solution?  How long before our teachers are replaced by AI holograms?