I never would have thought so, but there seems to be an upswelling of fighting pandas in computer games and films.  Well, two anyway.  Firstly Kung Fu Panda, a film about a panda who, through the application of Kung Fu, learns a life lesson about love and family.  Not terribly vicious, but then it is aimed at children.

Secondly, I learnt today, World of Warcraft has gained fighting pandas.  They aren’t evil monsters to defeat, though – players can be them.  It is, of course, an attempt to get more Asians playing the game, but the fact that the pandas are good at martial arts led me to wonder where else they were being depicted as violent, vicious creatures.

A quick search of the internet brought up a martial arts equipment supplier called “Panda”, a children’s martial arts class, a cute you tube animation of a panda doing kung fu, and lots of articles about Kung Fu Panda.

So it seems the reputation of the panda as a gentle beast is reasonably safe, unless you are a child.

Of course, it is always possible that the pandas are actually ninjas – they’re just very good at hiding their skills.