Sao Paulo, in Brazil, regularly has traffic jams over 100 miles long.

I’m not sure how they calculate that, since the city is not 100 miles from one side to the other.  I guess they go round in circles or something.  It can take hours to cross the city from one side to the other, there is a 24 hour traffic radio station, and the city’s helicopter taxi business is growing roughly 10% per year.  Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

But this is actually a love story.

Fabiana Crespo is a woman in love.  Every day she spends two hours in traffic to get to work, and two hours to come home in the evening.  On one of these marathon journeys, she was stuck in a queue next to a handsome man.  They rolled down the windows and started talking, and he persuaded her to give him her phone number.  She wasn’t expecting much, but he called, and thus began a romance which eventually led to marriage and two small children.

I’m wondering two things: how many other people have met their future spouse in such circumstances, and had the writers of this Doctor Who episode heard Fabiana Crespo’s story?