I am on holiday this week. A couple of times in the past few days I have felt like writing something, but I’m in a hotel room, with no computer.

I have a notebook, but I find writing longhand slow and annoying. I can never keep up with the words in my brain. (I toyed with the idea of learning shorthand to deal with this, but haven’t yet found time to do so properly.) Also, to get the words into a useable format I would have to type them out again later. I mostly use notebooks to keep track of ideas which occur to me, rather than actual writing.

So I am currently using my iPhone. It’s not as good as a proper computer – the keyboard is far too small – but it does have the advantage that if I use the right program I can sync directly to my computer and not have to re-type anything later. On occasion the predictive text causes issues, but for the most part it’s pretty good.

What do you do when inspiration strikes and you aren’t near your computer (or normal equipment of whatever kind)?

And, since I can, here is a photo of something I saw today. Bonus points for identifying the location!