The Oxford English Dictionary has announced this year’s “Word of the Year”.  Every year they pick one that has been made popular, coined, or otherwise come to the attention of whoever is on the committee and announce that it is an amazing word.  This year’s Word is…


Yes, really.  It means something which appears to be a shambles no matter which direction you look at it from.  While it’s not the worst word I could think of, it certainly doesn’t scream “Word of the Year” to me.  Mind you, it’s better than some of the others on the shortlist.  See if you can match the following words with their definitions:

“Eurogeddon”               you only live once
“mummy porn”            using a computer and TV at the same time
“green-on-blue”           a derogatory term for the lower classes
“to medal”                    a financial problem in a certain part of the world
“second screening”      to win a medal
“Yolo”                            a genre inspired by 50 shades
“Pleb”                            military attacks by neutral forces

The thing that strikes me most is how many of these potential “Words of the Year” are not, in fact, words.  Three of them are phrases, one is an acronym, and one is a contraction of a longer word.

I’m also amused by the fact that most of them I hadn’t heard even once before they occurred in this article.   Perhaps I don’t watch enough TV.


Short Martian Aside

From here:

It is at the base of this peak that the rover expects to find some of the most interesting rocks during its mission, although it will be many months before it gets there.

The rover is expecting things now?  Why did nobody mention it was sentient?