I haven’t felt much like blogging recently.  I haven’t had much to say, which is odd considering all of the things I’ve been up to!

My Brownies had a Christmas Bazaar – lots of random stalls of interesting things, refreshments, even Santa was there.  My Brownies, though, are not your typical believe-in-everything girls.  We had a long debate just before the bazaar about Santa.  Does he live at the north pole?  In Lapland?  Somewhere else?  Was the Santa we were getting for the bazaar the real one?  A fake?  One of Santa’s actual helpers?  (I did have to admit in the end that he was a fake – because he was one of the girls’ grandfather!)

IMG_1466And then there was Christmas, and all that entails.  A mulled wine and mince pie party, in which the Christmas Tree was edible.  Travel, family, presents, food, walks in the semi-country (it was very wet, so we stuck to pavements), church, games, food, Doctor Who, and the (surprisingly disappointing) finale of Merlin.  I think my favourite present this year was actually one that I gave. Who knew contractual variations could be so fun?

New Year’s has mostly been concerned with Dave’s present.  More on that when the Grand Plan has been successfully executed.

So that was the last few weeks.  Hopefully a more normal schedule will resume shortly.