I’ve been listening to Songs to Wear Pants To, and specifically, the Zombie Ninjas.  I started to consider where I would go in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Given full and free choice, I would of course choose a well-stocked (food, water and weapons), comfortable castle, fort, or other defendable location.  Preferably one with a secret back exit tunnel that allowed me to escape if the defences were breached, a full medical staff, a laboratory and scientists who could cure the disease, and a large number of people I trusted.

However, within the realms of places I am vaguely likely to be, Winchester School of Art seems like a good choice.  It doesn’t sound promising, from the name, does it?  But they have this:

Winchester School of Art

Winchester School of Art

And they are right next to a large park, so once we’ve waited out the infection we can plant crops to help us survive.  If there are Zombie Ninjas we’re all doomed, of course, but for normal zombies it might do in a pinch.

Have you considered what you would do in times of disaster?  Do you have a fall-back position planned out?