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Write a story about a vampire who is fine with natural light, but is allergic to artificial light.  A sort of anti-vampire, if you will.

Bonus points if you can reverse some of the other vampire traits (stakes, garlic, blood drinking, etc) in a believable way.

Here’s the second random idea from the archive:

Write a story where men and women are segregated so much that they are literally from different planets*.  You’ll need a believable reason why this has come to be.

* Inspired, of course, by the title of a certain book about Mars and Venus.

I’m off camping with the Brownies for a few days.  I had intended to write some posts in advance and schedule them, but I’ve been doing so much prep for camp that I’ve not had time to do them – or rather, I had to make a choice between writing fiction and writing blog posts, and the fiction won.

Instead, I’ve fished out some random ideas from my ideas folder, ones which I either decided were impractical or which have been in there so long that there’s not much chance of me ever looking at them again.  Sometimes both.

I’ll be posting them one a day until I’m back from camp, in the form of writing prompts.  There will be a (virtual) hug for anyone who writes me a little story about any of them.

Here’s today’s offering:

Write a story about the chaos which is caused by the north-south polarity of the Earth reversing.  Bonus points if at any point one of your characters has to “reverse the polarity of the neutron flow”.

I work in the Financial Services industry.  Every year we are required to undertake “Anti-Bribery and Corruption Training”, and every year I fall prey to the same thought.

Is it Anti Bribery-and-Corruption training?  Or Anti-Bribery, and Corruption training?

So here’s a little challenge for you – write a story about a man who is totally anti-bribery, but somehow corrupted.

Well, this was supposed to be a reward for anyone who answered my challenge, but I decided not to wait and just post it.  Mainly because I had too much fun writing it!

So here we go:

Sithar looked down on the blue-green jewel and sneered.  These puny hoo-mans would never know what hit them.  They couldn’t even fly unaided, they had to make machines to take them to the skies.

He looked around at his nest-mates, satisfied to see them arrayed perfectly to either side.  It was time for the assault to begin.

Raising his snout he shot flame towards the sky, using the momentum to hurl him out of their stable orbit and towards the planet below.  He knew without looking that his nest-mates were following, eager for the kill.

As the flight of dragons entered low earth orbit, they were suddenly assaulted by thousands of tiny particles.  Metal, ceramic, plastic, even some excrement, ye gads these hoo-mans were disgusting!

The constant barrage was having an effect on the team.  Wings became tattered despite being tucked safely away.  Their sensitive eyes and snouts were filled with high velocity grit.


The call went out telepathically, far too late.  Sithar opened his mouth to shoot forth flame and it was immediately filled with sharp, fast-flying debris.  He tumbled, out of control, flame spouting in all directions.

The world below spun on its axis, unaware.

Dragon in orbit as SpaceX launch opens new era 

The actual article is about the launch of a Falcon 9 rocket with it’s Dragon cargo capsule, but that’s no fun.  I’m thinking actual dragons, in orbit around the Earth.  Possibly they are alien dragons, come to take over the world.  Or are they peaceful explorers?

So here’s a challenge for you – write a piece of fiction, 200 words or less, involving alien dragons.  Answers in the comments please!

(I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…)

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