Dear Diary,

I’ve finally realised the truth.  How could I have been so dense?  All the signs were there all along, I just failed to join the dots.  You know how my Dad goes gliding a lot?  Well, I’ve finally realised that it’s just an excuse.  Perhaps I should start from the beginning.

My Dad goes gliding.  It’s like flying small aeroplanes, but without the engines.  He’s really good – an instructor and everything.  We (my Mum and I) know that he is, because sometimes we go with him.  The thing is, although he goes to the local club, he also goes to one in Scotland.  Now Scotland is a good four hours drive from where we live, so why would he go there?  He says it’s because of “wave” off the mountains, or some such thing.  Whatever.  It means he’s away a lot of weekends, and this is where the suspicions start.

You see there are specific weather conditions that you need to be able to glide.  If the cloud is too low, or the wind too strong, or various other things, you can’t do it; it’s too dangerous.  But, and this is what finally clued me in, sometimes, when the weather is awful, he goes anyway.  All the way to Scotland.  When there is no hope of flying.

So he has weekends away from home, and his excuse for going doesn’t work.  I think my Mum knows – she couldn’t miss the weather, and she knows he doesn’t fly in the rain.  So what does he do, those weekends “in Scotland”?

Diary, I hope you never tell anyone what I am about to tell you.  My parents would be upset if they realised I knew.  They would say I was too young to understand, or that I was just imagining things.  But I know.  I know, and my life will never be the same again.

My Dad is a secret agent.

It felt good to finally share that with someone.  I’ve been turning it over in my brain for a few days now, and it’s the only explanation.  The rainy weekends away from home, that’s when he goes on missions.  Obviously he does go to the club in Scotland, because when Mum and I go with him, there are people there who know him.  Unless they are all agents?  And the club is their base of operations?  That could make a lot of sense…


“What are you doing dear?”

Katy yelped and quickly slammed her diary closed.

“Mu-um,” she complained, “my door was closed for a reason!”

Her mum smiled a mysterious smile, and shook her head.  She held up her hands in surrender and backed out of Katy’s bedroom.

“I’m sorry, dear.  I’ll knock next time.  But really, how many secrets can you have in this family, anyway?”