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There’s a film, called The Singularity is Near, which is the subject of this article at the New Scientist.  The film itself has to be paid for, but here’s a trailer:

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Frankly, the description given in the NS article gives you a better idea what it’s about.  You should go read that if you’re confused.  It also points out a few holes in the film.  But anyway, I had a point.  I can’t remember what it was…

Ah, yes.  The last line in the trailer is this:

People think that because its been in a movie it can’t happen.

How true do you think that is?  There are certainly plenty of counter-examples.  Moon landings, underwater cameras, jet packs, even adamantium is getting closer to actually existing.

On the other hand, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen the White House blown up, and I’m pretty certain that the Secret Service are quite good at preventing that in real life, so I can see why people would stop believing in films.

Opinions please!

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