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Researchers have found a gene which is essential for the production of healthy sperm.  In mice, of course, but they’re hoping it will work in humans.  They’re claiming that this will enable them to produce a reversible contraceptive pill.

Two ideas spring to mind.

Firstly, they create this pill, millions of people take it, and then we discover that it’s not reversible after all.  There would have to be some interesting circumstances for this to work, otherwise it would never get through drug testing regimes to be widely available.

Secondly, what if other people do further research and discover a way of making it permanent.  A new age of biological warfare emerges, run by people with long-term goals.  If you sterilise your enemies, as long as you have some patience you don’t need to kill them all.

Second-and-a-halfly, the biological warfare team find a way of targeting the gene only in certain types of people.  Hmmm, maybe the government finds a gene which controls aggressive behaviour and targets people who have that.  Future generations become placid.

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