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I’ve always wanted to feel like a movie star.

The thought popped into her head as she ran through the meadow towards her lover, causing her to laugh.  The wind whipped her hair around her face and the sun lit the scene with all the ferocity of a newborn kitten.  Beneath her feet flowers danced among the grass.

Suddenly her foot sank deep into a rabbit hole and she fell, cursing, into the mud.  She picked herself up and tried to stand, but her ankle collapsed and she fell again.  Choking back tears she saw her lover start to sprint towards her.

She didn’t look back, but she knew it was hopeless.

The zombie horde would reach her long before he did.

Afternoon Drama on BBC Radio 4 is quite entertaining sometimes.  They’ve done a skit about what would happen if all the pseudonyms on the internet were suddenly replaced by people’s real names.  Very funny.

The little bits of back-story and setting it up were as funny as the bits about the internet.  I particularly  enjoyed this:

“I don’t want her to vote if she can’t tell the difference between a preposition and an auxiliary verb.”

This could so very much be said by my husband.  Also this:

“Why is there a pen in this flowerpot?”

which is definitely my household.

How do you think the world would react if everyone used their real names on internet forums and so on?

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Her favourite genres are near-future and alternate world science fiction and fantasy.

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