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Two things have caught my attention today.

The first is this, an article about the skydiving record attempt that Matt Williams talked about on his blog.  However, in contrast to most mentions of it, this one is about how he smashed the record for most live streaming views on YouTube.  It’s nice that they have their priorities straight.

The second is the attempt by the US Navy to produce a robot that acts like MacGyver.  Yes, you read that right.  Of course, as you might expect, the robot will not be able to prevent nuclear explosions using only a shoe lace and a piece of chewing gum, or escape from madmen using duct tape and a false eyeball*.  But stacking boxes to climb and building a functional bridge out of debris are no mean feat for a robot, which will need to both recognise the objects and figure out whether they are strong enough to hold its weight before combining them to create the solution.


* I have no idea whether these are actual MacGyver plots or not, but they sound plausible, don’t they?


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