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On Friday 20th July, Syria disconnected almost the entire country from the outside world for 40 minutes.

Up until now, Syria’s internet connection has been relatively stable.  It’s not known (at least not by people who are admitting to it) whether the disconnect was sabotage or government-sponsored.

So here’s the question.  The internet is becoming so ubiquitous that access to it is beginning to fall into the same category as access to education, books, and free speech.  In the UK, it is as easy to get to the internet for free as it is to get to books – practically every library now has at least one computer that you can use.

In countries where those things are held sacrosanct, how long will it be before it is regarded as a right, not a privilege?  And how long before that spreads to the rest of the world?

And, Fahrenheit 451-style, how long before it is banned and ISPs turned to evil?

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